Quick DMX N512

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The Quick DMX N512 is an Ethernet to DMX interface in a compact sturdy housing. With this interface it is possible to trigger stand-alone scenes from any location once it is connected in a network. You can connect with N512 in a local network as well as by the internet. Once the scenes are made with QDMX software and uploaded into the N512 memory you can trigger them by using your internet browser and the QDMX software is not necessary anymore. The N512 can also be uses as a normal 512 channel interface to operate with QDMX in full mode.


Stand Alone: By Network
Operating System : Windows and Mac OSX
External power supply : 9VDC (included)
DMX Connectors: 3-pin
Weight: 0.2kg
Size: 108 x 80 x 37mm
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